Doug Rehbein

Doug Rehbein is from a Montana contracting  family who are all passionate hunters. He is very familiar with the territory, having spent many years on the trail and in the area. Doug is the holder of the SCI Canada Moose world record, which he took at Jennings River. Doug has hunted extensively all over North America and chose to plant his flag at Jennings River for its raw natural beauty and superb game. We offer Stone Sheep and Moose Hunts.

The Jennings River Stone Sheep 14 day hunt is a backpack hunt with possible horse assist hunt. Please be in shape, and able to operate in high mountain conditions.  Hunters are also required to purchase their own tags. Of course, we can assist you with the process.

Few hunting experiences on earth can compare to an adventure in this wild and remote part of British Columbia. For more information on each specific hunts, just give us a call. We look forward to hosting you on a hunting adventure you’ll never forget!