British Columbia Fishing and Hunting


British Columbia Fishing and Hunting. Jennings River Wild is located as far north as you can go in British Columbia, so far north that we can’t leave our base camp at Swan Lake by road without driving into the Yukon.

We are at the northern tip of the Cassiar Mountains in the east, and the Coast Range in the west. With crags soaring 8000’, mountain creeks and lush green alpine meadows, the spectacular raw beauty our 3100 sq miles/8000 sq km territory is hard to match.

The Alaska Highway is the only road access and traverses the territory along its northern border, which happens to be the BC Yukon border. The only access into the territory is by aircraft or with horses, or for the hardy, a long, uphill hike. The territory has an excellent population of moose, caribou, thinhorn sheep, mountain goats, grizzly bears, wolves, wolverines, and many bird species, in particular bald and golden eagles.

The waters teem with huge Lake Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Greyling, Arctic Char and Spring Salmon. We operate out of 4 main camps with multiple buildings, 3 of which are currently wheelchair accessible, and another 12 cabin camps, many accessible only by horse.

Our base camp is located at Mile 747 of the Alaska Highway, about 80 km east of Teslin, Yukon. We offer day rides directly from base camp into the mountains, or multi-day pack trip into pristine and remote places of unbelievable beauty. Not sure about horses? We also provide hiking and canoeing trips, or just stay at base camp and hike into the hills or jet boat down the river.

Jennings River, British Columbia:

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