Hunting Dates

Hunting Dates

Thank you for your interest in planning your hunt, below you will find the all species hunting dates that interest you.  The quickest way is to call Doug and talk about when and what you would like to do. See you soon.

Moose Hunting Dates:

  1. First Hunt: September 7 -18th
  2. Second Hunt: September 18th – 29th
  3. Third Hunt:  September 29th – October 9

Caribou Hunts:

  1. First Hunt: August 18 -29
  2. Second Hunt: August 29 – September 7
  3. Third Hunt: September 7 – 18

Moose & Caribou Hunting Dates:

  1. First Hunt: August 29 – September 7
  2. Second Hunt: September 7 – 18th
  3. Third Hunt: September 18th -29th

Stone Sheep Hunts:

  1. First Hunt: July 31 – August 15
  2. Second Hunt: August 15-31

Goat Hunts:

    1. Hunt Dates are flexible

Hunting Dates:

Machine 10 Day Hunt:

Moose Hunts, Caribou Hunts, Combination Hunts.

The ATV’s are used to support your hunt. Except for hunters with disabilities, which are proud to accommodate, we do not hunt off the machines, they are used for transportation to spike camps and for meat recovery.

Horseback 10 Day Hunt:

Moose, Caribou, Goat and Combination Hunts.

Machine and Jet Boat 10 Day Moose Hunt

Moose Hunts and  Caribou Hunts

Stone Sheep 14 day hunt with possible horse assist


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